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Packaging a proven process of care for sepsis.

Sepsis is not a discrete disease. It is the body’s reaction to a myriad of harmful microorganisms in the blood or other tissues. The body, in working to rid itself of these microorganisms, responds with a condition that can lead to the malfunctioning of organs and systems, shock, and death. Our client, a large Mid-Atlantic healthcare system developed a proven process of care to recognize and monitor treatment of sepsis. This process took their compliance from 34% to above 90%.

Our task was to help package this process into a scalable product offering. This product could then be offered to other healthcare systems at tiered levels so they too could implement and improve their own process of care.

We built a clean brand, provided direction on sales strategy, and designed a simple user experience to help get new customers into the sales process as quickly as possible. We collaborated with internal teams to design and build all intake and sales materials. We also were highly involved in communicating the value of SPOC to key internal stakeholders. 

Agency: Benjamin & Bond
Research and Strategy: Alexa Born
Creative Direction: Eric Beckman
Design: Eric Beckman
Copy: Alexa Born

*Featured in LogoLounge Book 13
SPOC Website Mockup

SPOC is a proven process of care. Each part of this process works together to overcome the challenges of sepsis. Designed to reflect the collaborative, purposeful and forward-thinking nature of that process.

SPOC Logo Breakdown
SPOC Brand Breakdown
SPOC Business Cards

A single page design with simple animation built on Umbraco. Designed to be a tool for the sales team to get new potential healthcare systems into the top of the funnel as quickly as possible.

SPOC Wireframes
SPOC Website Mockup

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