Plain & Fancy

Is a family-owned company that has been handcrafting custom cabinetry in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country for more than 45yrs.

Start with structure first

Once all the client input and user research was gathered, we developed a site map. This allowed use to identify site flow as well as unique pages. From there we were able to build wireframes, which gave use the structure of what those unique pages would begin to look like.

Starting to mix the paint

After we determined what the structure of the site would be, we moved into developing the style and look of the new site. We needed to capture quality, passion, and love that Plain & Fancy brings to their custom builds.

Time to assemble the pieces

Once we had all the pieces developed it was time to bring them together. The style and structure flowed together nicely and we delivered a clean, modern, and fully responsive site design.

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