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Madeline was created to give women the sexual health care and convenience they want while connecting them meaningfully to providers backed by a robust healthcare system.

Finding that Right fit

Early exploration for Madeline involved abstracting various forms of birth control. The brand needed to be a mix of vibrant, playful and professional while feeling purposeful and trustworthy.

A unique fit for Online birth control

Abstracting the pill, patch and ring into a modern take of an old hex inspired design, helped to balance the vibrant playfulness into something purposeful and trustworthy.

Madelines visual narrative

Our photography style is a snapshot into the unique and busy lives of Madelines audience. These vignettes show no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, Madeline will provide convenient access to the sexual health care they want and need.

Short and Sweet Site

Simplicity was the focus for Madelines website so a short, sweet and fully responsive site was designed. This way if you're a new customer to Madeline you can get right to the birth control that fits your unique body and life as soon as possible.

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