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A unique fit for online birth control.

While doing research for our client, a large Mid-Atlantic healthcare system, we found that women in their care communities don’t “shop” for an OB/GYN when they become pregnant. Instead, they form relationships with OB/GYNs and other women’s health providers early in life, often when accessing contraceptives.

Our task was to develop a unique brand that would not only provide quick, convenient access to online birth control, but also provide the trusted insight that comes from a meaningful relationship with a provider.

We developed the branding, content and strategy, and user interface for the digital experience. As well as all creative assets needed for marketing, we collaborated with internal developers to integrate the front-end user experience with Epic, their electronic health record system, increasing the service’s ease of use. We also collaborated with internal teams for system integration and development. We were highly involved in communicating the value of Madeline both internally and externally.

Agency: Benjamin & Bond
Research and Strategy: Alexa Born
Creative Direction: Eric Beckman
Design: Eric Beckman
Copy: Madison Mills/Alexa Born
Photography: The Premise Studio
Madeline Blue Record Player

Madeline pays homage to its local community by taking inspiration from old hex styled barn signs. Through abstracting shapes from the pill, patch and ring into something with a vibrant playfulness that's purposeful and trustworthy.

Madeline Logo Breakdown

For the visual narrative we developed a photography style as though it's a snapshot into the unique and busy lives of Madelines target audience. These vignettes show that no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, Madeline will provide quick convenient access to safe and reliable sexual healthcare.

Madeline Photography Examples
Madeline Pill Rack Card
Madeline Patch Rack Card
Madeline Ring Rack Card

Simplicity was the main focus for Madelines user experience. We developed a simple, easy to navigate and fully responsive site that directly integrates with EPIC, our clients electronic health record system.

Madeline Kit Of Parts
Madeline Home Page

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