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inherQuests was founded to help girls establish a strong foundation for lifelong financial independence and well-being. They believe that every girl deserves to grow up to be confident and capable of making financial choices that will allow them to create the lives they want.

beginning a quest of ideas

Some of the early inspiration for the rebrand of inHerquests was the idea of animals that travel great journeys. Specifically with and for, their young. Whales and elephants both take long journeys in their lives, along the way their young learn valuable life lessons.

Finally a clear destination

inHerquests is helping to build a strong foundation for young women. It was important to have something that visually represented the inner journey that these young women are beginning along with inHerquests on their way to financial independence.

Venturing onto the web

inHerquests needed something that was not only going to help with brand awareness but allow their customers to be able to sign up for their monthly subscription boxes. Shopify had the capability and flexibility that inHerquests needed. So, a custom mobile first theme was designed.

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