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Good Burrito Co

Good Burrito Co. was created by locals who love fresh delicious food. They started Good Burrito Co. to share that love with their friends and neighbors.

Chewing through ideas

Some of the early executions for the Good Burrito Co. branding was more along the rustic/Mexican restaurant style. Incorporating a more retro styled donkey illustration and type face. While these directions stood well on their own they ended up just slightly off the mark.

That good feeling

The sweet spot was a good balance between modern and rustic. A little more steak house than traditional Mexican restaurant. A distressed texture was applied to a clean type treatment and an iconographic styled donkey illustration.

Time to execute

Once the final branding was nailed down, it was time to execute. We began with business cards, hats and shirts. Followed by the store front and interior. Which included the bay windows and doors as well as hanging signs and table stencils. Finally, promotional collateral, posters/flyers, stickers, and post cards.

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